Appenism was born from Troy & Jonno’s (the Directors and Founders) passion of English pubs, and beers (to be honest). After creating their first pub iPhone app they started rolling out more and found it fun and interesting, designing, developing and marketing apps for different cities and categories.

In 2010, they looked into the premium London pub market and were surprised no one was really guiding tourists to the best of the 7,000 pubs in the pub capital of the world. Whilst living in London Troy had witnessed the sad event of 2 Japanese tourists accidentally wandering into a Wetherspoons pub, and mistaking it for the real thing.

That summer, Jonno set about visiting 500 pubs on a Boris Bike – his mission: whittle ‘em down to the best 160 for the first release of our iPhone app.

The London Pub Crawl Co. iPhone app was launched soon after, and they went onto launch Best London Pubs (for locals), Top 7 London Pubs and Best Melbourne Bars. They now consult to and often manange their design and development team to roll out high quality apps for clients.

With engineering, computing and business degrees between them – and more than 30 years combined small business experience  - Jonno and Troy happily work with companies in need of launching an iPhone, Android or Windows Phone apps into the markets. Check out the portfolio of apps so far.