24 JulApple pays out more than $5.5bn to developers, as the App Store exceeds over 650,000 apps

Apple recently announced it had more than 650,000 apps active in its App Store, still slightly more than Google’s Android platform – however that are catching fast, with around 600,000 apps live. Apples app jumped almost 10% in 3 months, it reported 600,000 live apps in April 2012.

As we’ve blogged about the iPads tremendous sales success earlier this year, its growth doesn’t stop there – 250,00 or almost 40% of those 650,000 apps have been developed for the awesome iPad.¬†And iOS 6 – which is due out in September 2012 – will boost these app sales to both Apple and developers even further. Especially with the tighter Facebook integration from iOS 6.

Interested in developing your own app?

Well, the more relevant number for you then is the amount that has been paid out to developers since the Apple App Store launched in July 2008. A stunning $5.5bn!! Now, that is impressive for a market just on 4 years old but this is even more so.

In April 2012 Apple reported this number to be $4bn. That is $1.5bn growth in 3 months, or almost $9bn annualised. Huge!

Since Apple keeps 30% of sales, let’s gross up the $5.5bn sales to date – so that is a total $7.85bn in gross app sales going through Apples’ App Store. That 30% they keep equates to $2.35bn, and pretty much most of it is profit. There surely is little cost to review and approve apps, and keep the App Store infrastructure up. A well earning $2bn+ if you ask me – I am just glad they created the concept of apps, and paid apps at that, otherwise if Google had got there first developers would be starving off trying to earn a living from advertising…but that is for another post.

Can you find a niche and extract some of that next $1bn in payments Apple make to developers?

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