02 AugSmartphones in the US now 47% of all mobiles, Android still numero uno but Apple is gaining fast

Today ComScore released its most recent quarterly figures about the US mobile phone market.

Of the 234m US residents who use a mobile phone, 110m of them use a smartphone – 47% of all mobiles. That is a big jump from 45% reported as at end of Q1 2012.

Android continues to be the main smartphone OS (at just under 52%) but Apple had the best quarter, jumping almost 2% to 32.4% market share of smartphone subscribers aged 13+.

The OS to watch this year is Apple iOS, with the iPhone 5 due out in Q3 we expect to see them even take market share from Android by the end of 2012. Android seems to have slowed in this quarter, even declined a little (Android accounted for less sales last quarter than a year ago, while Apple enjoyed a 10% increase over the same period).

The latest quarter results show an increased engagement with the iOS platform by consumers, with a massive 1.7% additional market share taken – mainly at the expense of RIM and Symbian. Here is the ComScore summary:

And encouraging thing from this latest report is the growing of using apps on smartphones, up 1.4% to 51.4% of users using apps. Here is the ComScore breakdown on smartphone content usage:

For us and our clients the question of which smartphone platforms should we develop our apps on is still clear – Apple iOS, Google Android and that player you should never bet against, Microsoft.

We gave up some years ago on RIM (Research In Motion, who make BlackBerry), and Symbian – both dying platforms. We believe by 2014 it will be a 3 horse race, and right now, there is a good opportunity to take first mover advantage on the Microsoft platform – since there are still far fewer apps than the main 2 players. The Microsoft-Nokia deal has not got full traction yet, but in a few quarters we expect to see them eating into Apple and Google smartphone market share.

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