The London Pub Crawl Co.

Platforms: iPhone, iPad, Android

One of our own apps, we have learnt a tremendous amount in how to design, build and launch a successful multi-platform app. The challenges designing, building and launching an app on the Google Android platform were driven home for us (due to the fragmented nature of not only the OS, but also the market places – there are dozeons of them!)

Working on the Android platform also gave us a new found respect for Apple’s simplicity and design-orientated approach. But, one cannot ignore the might of Google and we recommend to all our clients to launch on both platforms.

Some of the key features of this app include:

  • Offline maps (tourists to London don’t need a data plan to navigate to the 160 unique English pubs)
  • Map marked crawls or walks between 4 pubs
  • Show me the nearest ‘quality’ pub

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Best London Pubs

Platforms: iPhone, iPad

Another one of our own apps, we originally took the data from the above London Pub Crawl app, whacked a new brand on it, removed the “walk” features and have positioned this app more for the locals of London. In late summer of 2012 we will update this app with more than 200 great London pubs.

Our goal with this app is to get it to the best 500 of the 7,000 pubs in London, showing a local only the best 7% of pubs in their fine city. Features added to this version, different to The London Pub Crawl app include:

  • Social marking, you can “Like” a pub (not a Facebook Like” and see how many other peeople
  • List the most “Liked” pubs by all app users
  • Mark a pub as “been to”, so you can show a list or map of pubs you have or haven’t yet been to (depending on your mood)

Read more about our Best London Pubs iPhone app at our website.

Top 7 London Pubs

Platforms: iPhone, iPad

Again, carving off the data we already had and repackaging into a new format allowed us to test a business model we were curious about – in-app purchasing. The app has more than 7 London pubs in it, rather, 6 datasets of 7 pub each. These include:

  • Top 7 Outdoor pubs in London
  • Top 7 Historic London pubs
  • Top 7 Riverside pubs in London
  • Top 7 Pubs to eat at in London
  • Top 7 Unique London pubs
  • Top 7 ‘Must see’ pubs in London

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Best Melbourne Bars

Platforms: iPhone, iPad

Same as our Best London Pubs app, except the data is ALL 250 bars and pubs in Melbourne CBD, Docklands and Southbank. Has been interesting pricing this app in a smaller market, but with some strong competitors. More learning :)

Read more about the Best Melbourne Bars at our website.


Our iPhone apps coming soon…

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  • Jack The Ripper London Walk
  • Best UK Pubs
  • Best Paris Pubs
  • Best Perth Pubs & Bars
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